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Three Harleys, Three Aussies, One American Dream - Book Now On Sale!

Monday, April 10, 2017

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Three Harleys, Three Aussies,
One American Dream

A 5,000-mile Motorcycle Adventure Around the USA
Stephen W. Starling

Stephen’s latest book is now on sale. It is a terrific traveller’s tale that provides insights to the history, politics, and issues of today’s America. Download Flier

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Three Harleys, Three Aussies, One American Dream puts you in the saddle for an exhilarating ride around the USA in search of the real America.

Join three Australian baby boomers racing down twisty back roads to explore magnificent national parks, experience the buzz of exciting cities, and soak up the atmosphere of famous attractions. Along the way you will meet a fascinating mix of characters, including backwoods trappers, devout Mormons, multimillionaires, and the fearsome bikers of the Harley Brotherhood.

This adventure brings to life the challenges of crossing snowbound mountain passes and burning deserts, and risking too many nights in slick city blues bars and rowdy country honky-tonks. The strains of hard travelling expose raw emotions between the three buddies, but these tensions dissolve in the reckless escapades that ultimately rebuild their bonds of friendship.

More than just a terrific traveller’s tale, the book reflects on the country’s tumultuous history and depicts the diversity of peoples and lifestyles in contemporary USA, and asks the question: Is the iconic American Dream fading?

Contains Ten Route Maps, Detailed Itineraries, and Descriptive Travelogues


'I felt as if I was right there on the back of the bike. Luscious descriptions and lavish details make this travelogue a delight to the senses.  Equal parts biker, historian, philosopher, and foodie, you will enjoy this Australian's musings on the American Dream as seen from a motorcycle'. -  Lois Swagerty - Author and Columnist.

'Is the book a rewarding read? Yes, I think so. Will it make you want to do the same things? Quite likely. I’d certainly be happy to pick up other books by Stephen, and I think it would make a terrific present for an older rider,' – Stuart Hopper’s review in Australian Motorcyclist magazine.

Praise for Stephen’s First Book: It’s a terrific read and you’ll find yourself going back to it again and again’. - Peter ‘The Bear’ Thoeming, Editor, Australian Road Rider Magazine.

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